About Me

I’m Mikelle! A former New Yorker, hedge-funder, wardrobe/set stylist and avid vintage dress collector. I am currently a stay at home mom. Which is exhausting, but is honestly, right now, not quite doing it for me. I need something more, something else, something to get me outside of the bubble of my life. So here we are!

About two years ago, we moved from the heart of New York City to Salt Lake City. After a few months of a slow/subtle decline in my mental health, I became so desperately depressed that I found myself lying awake at night, googling the most painless ways to kill myself. It was absolutely the most horrible feeling/lack of feeling in the world. ROCK BOTTOM.

I tried lots of things to help pull me out of my depression and I feel pretty on top of it now, but it is a place I never want to get to again. I want to do anything I can to prevent anyone else from feeling that way either.

I have found, after much self-reflection, that these 3 things can truly make a difference in your approach to life. I am passionate about them and feel, if talked about more, they will help others to find a sense of confidence and happiness that I thought I had lost forever.

1 – Encouraging and promoting the importance of connection. Anti-isolationism, if you will. Moving from New York City where I had a very tight knit group of friends, to Utah, where ( I find) it is very difficult to make friends…made me realize how truly important it is to have your crew, your team, your ride or dies. I want people to feel like they’re not alone, because that feeling can be lethal.

2- Motivating people to become figure-it-outers. There is power and confidence that comes from creatively solving a problem and fixing it yourself. Even the smallest of things, like tinting your own eyebrows or learning to effectively cut a watermelon 😉 . Every small accomplishment is a victory and a confidence booster. It keeps you moving forward and motivates you to do more. I think the world needs more of that energy.

3- Helping people to identify and embrace their own personal style. Clothing is magical. It truly has a transformative power that can effect your attitude, your confidence and how you face the world. It is a form of expression, art and armor. I truly feel that if you wear clothes that make you feel happy and confident, while expressing your true self, it will raise your frequency and you will feel a tangible difference in your life. I want to eliminate the fear of wearing things that other people might think are stupid, because WHO ARE THEY TO DECIDE? If it makes you happy, freaking WEAR IT.

So here’s to being there for each other, doing things ourselves and looking/feeling our best while we do it!

Thanks for being here!





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